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Toyota Passenger-Car Accident Analysis

Toyota Passenger-Car Accident Analysis
Status:  Ongoing
Project period:  January 2016 to December 2020

The objective of this project is to conduct the in-depth Toyota passenger-car accident investigation (AI) by using the Event Data Recorder (EDR). EDR is the recording system located in airbag ECU for diagnosis.  In case of a crash with airbag deployment, it records a few seconds of a vehicle’s operation immediately before and after the crash.  EDR collects data from on-board computers, including acceleration, velocity, seatbelt status (for driver), brake pedal and acceleration pedal condition, and airbag deployment information.  The data recorded by EDR will be used for further analysis in the in-depth accident investigation process to understand the causes of crashes.  The output of this project will be the new approach to conduct in-depth accident investigation by using the EDR technology and to analyze accident data by including driving maneuver information and vehicle performance at the time of crash.  The information from EDR will be very important to analyze the root causes of crash and to understand how the crashes occur.