Thailand Accident Research Center



Postgraduate Studies

To sustain the accident knowledge, the built up of road safety researchers and analysts is necessary. TARC under the Transportation 

Engineering Program, the School of Engineering and Technology at Asian Institute of Technology has graduated many Master degree and Doctoral degree students with their expertise in road safety engineering such as in-depth accident analysis and modeling, accident investigation and reconstruction, road safety audit, accident injury analysis, and other research topics related to road safety issues.  Scholarships and fellowships for both Thai and Non-Thai students are available.      

For further details about the course curriculum and admission requirements, please visit Transportation Engineering Program, the School of Engineering and Technology, AIT website:

Short Term Capacity Building through Training

TARC provides trainings on accident investigation and reconstruction and also on other new knowledge and technologies related to accident analysis and road safety engineering to people of various disciplines. Other training programs will be also provided by TARC to develop effective and sustainable road safety programs in related-organizations where appropriate. 

Both in-house training and external training can be designed by TARC to serve the needs of interested agencies.

TARC will serve as a source of expertise in road safety to industry, government, and the society; and to disseminate information about advances in road safety knowledge through publication, organization and participation in conferences, seminars, and workshops.