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Motorcycle Accident Investigation: Micro Study Analysis

Motorcycle Accident Investigation: Micro Study Analysis
Sponsor:  Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Status:  Ongoing
Project period:  Aug 2016 to December 2020

According to the macro-analysis of motorcycle accident data during 2010-2012 based on E-Claim system of Road Accident Victims Company Limited, it revealed that two third of deaths were due to collisions with other vehicles, from which the risk of deaths for motorcyclists was about 3.6 times higher, compared to single-vehicle crashes or hitting other objects. 

As the outcome of the macro-analysis of motorcycle crashes, Thailand Accident Research Center (TARC) has found that some other information is still missing to answer the causes of motorcycle accidents, and further in-depth study is needed to determine the countervailing measures. It is therefore important to conduct micro in-depth study of motorcycle crashes that will provide a better understanding of the causes of MC crashes.  In this project, TARC plans to conduct a comprehensive, in-depth motorcycle crash causation study using the common international methodology for in-depth motorcycle crash investigation. 

The main objective of this research project is to conduct in-depth motorcycle accident investigation.  The accident investigation forms were filled, and the accident investigation reports of motorcycle crashes were prepared.

The outcome of this project enables us to learn characteristics of motorcycle accident patterns in ASEAN countries, especially Thailand, and to continue a high quality research and development to invent innovative safety equipment to increase active safety to prevent or reduce the occurrences of motorcycle accidents or passive safety to reduce severity of motorcycle accidents.  In addition, the outcome of this project can be applied to the safety driving training program and approach to the governmental entities to increase the safety awareness in the public.