Thailand Accident Research Center


Consultancy & Service

TARC has a wide variety of services to offer to national or international accident research centers, road authorities, Public Health, Law Enforcement, Vehicle Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Road Safety related NGOs, Educational Institutes, Researchers and Prospective Students. 

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

One of the main research topics conducted by TARC is accident investigation and reconstruction that encompasses in-depth analysis of the accidents. Considering the rationale for accident research in Thai context, prior to understand the road accident situation, acquiring know-how about the mechanisms behind the accidents and the incidence of the personal injuries to develop suitable solutions and achieving better understanding of road safety is a prime concern of TARC. TARC investigation team was, therefore, set up and trained with this objective. The team investigates the accident cases by reaching to the crash scenes as soon as the crashes occurred. With the train protocol, each member is assigned to collect all important information about crash. This includes general information, crash scene, vehicles, and victims which will eventually be maintained in TARC crash database. In order to avoid biases, however, the conclusion will not be drawn until the investigation and analysis processes are completed. All information will be used in the analysis to describe the events of crash, injury mechanism, and finally the contributing factors of such accident. For the cases where the damage profile of vehicles can be measured, and evasive actions taken by the drivers in the form of skid marks or yaw marks can be found as evidence, a complete accident reconstruction was performed by computer simulation to simulate the events before and after accident. Finally, an accident report will be produced describing all necessary information to provide a complete picture of the crash. 

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Database Software

The accident investigation and reconstruction database software is a package specially made to accommodate all the factors and information to conduct in-depth study. This package can also be adopted by other countries with similar road safety situation. The software is built on client-server based architecture to facilitate remote access and management. 

Road Safety Audit

Prince of Songkla University and TARC have remained the pioneers in road safety audit in Thailand. Over the last decade, the experts from TARC have been involved in conducting road safety audits in Thailand as well as in the other ASEAN countries. Nevertheless, TARC experts have been actively involved in capacity building in road safety audit in Thailand and in other East Asian Countries.


Trainings & Seminars

One of the prime objectives of TARC is to contribute through capacity building. TARC conducts trainings and seminars for people of different disciplines (Road Authorities, Public Health, Law Enforcement Agencies, Vehicle Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Road Safety related NGOs, Educational Institutes, etc.)


The aims of establishing TARC was to produce a viable business plan for establishing TARC as a leading and sustainable national traffic safety research center. That aim saw the light of reality with the involvement of TARC in road safety consultancy. TARC is able to extend their hand to government and non-government organizations both in national and international arena to improve the road safety situation and to disseminate knowledge about road safety.